World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing principles apply to all aspects of plant organisation, from the quality system to maintenance, from cost control to logistics, in a perspective of continuous improvement. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) in fact was born of the collaboration between Fiat and the best European and Japanese experts, with the aim to enhance the production standard to a recognised world standard. The system is based on a systematic reduction of all types of loss and waste through the contribution of everyone and the rigorous use of methods and standards. Care for the Environment is one of the pillars of the system, encompassing all the people, regulations and rules of conduct making up our Environmental Management System (EMS). This is the management tool that will enable us to determine, reduce and control the environmental impact of our manufacturing facilities, knowing that every activity has repercussions on the environment. The system specifies a number of actions geared to the reduction of the environmental impact of manufacturing activities, both in order to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations and in order to prevent the waste of energy and natural resources.